raja-ampat2Raja Ampat (four kings) is a regency of the West Papua Province comprising more than 1,500 islands and encompassing an area over 40,000km2 including Indonesia’s largest marine park, Cenderawasih Bay.

If ever there was a mecca for underwater enthusiasts this is it. Number one in the world for underwater biodiversity, it is home to a staggering variety of marine life with the region boasting three quarters of the world’s species.

Unparalleled in terms of its underwater variegation, Raja Ampat is a treasure trove for undersea photographers, drift dive adrenalin junkies and nature aficionados.

Shimmering fish dart around colourful coral ‘bommies’ while baracudas and wobegongs weave past vertical underwater walls. Pristine reefs are bordered by untouched mangrove ecosystems and translucent waters are peppered with a maze of islands blanketed in jungle.

A region best discovered by charter, Raja Ampat is a first class destination worthy of more than a few days of exploration. Gentle navigation around this archipelago guarantees a visual feast of photo opportunities and freedom to experience the magic and sheer wonder of the world’s richest marine menagerie.

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