LombokHeadlands just like sentinels into breathtaking turquoise bays fringed by world class breaks. Lombok is a mecca for surf enthusiasts yet with many of its pristine beaches almost inaccessible by land, ocean voyagers can enjoy ultimate privacy and uninterrupted opportunity to explore world class dive destinations, uncrowded beach breaks and it’s perfect for the pelagic pursuit of big game like blue marlin or tuna.

With so many secluded beaches and small islands, Lombok is a location that lends itself to a diversity of aquatic activities and hints at the Bali of yesteryear. Large pockets of relatively untouched coastline best navigated via an ocean adventure lie in wait of discovery.

A short sail off Lombok’s Northwest Coast brings you to a stunning trio of sandy isles known colloquially as ‘The Gilies’. A small set of islands comprising a total area of only 15 square kilometres, Gilis Air, Meno and the largest, Trawangan are popular destinations for those after a slightly more remote island experience.

Renowned for its abundant snorkelling and diving opportunities, there is an emphasis on conservation and efforts to preserve the cultural distinction of the area and the unique marine habitats are continuing. Thanks to the area’s turtle conservation and rehabilitation program, a day’s snorkelling around the island hotspots will provide ample opportunity to spot giant Green and Loggerhead turtles in their natural habitat along with pigmy seahorses and a kaleidoscope of colourful fish.

Underwater enthusiasts can witness the incredible coral diversity and marine life during guided drift dives and with visibility generally between 15-30 metres, experienced deep divers can explore the Japanese World War 11 wreck. Covered in corals and inhabited by Batfish and Barracuda, the 20 metre wreck is still in tact thanks to its location in a protected bay, remaining largely unaffected by coastal currents.

Sea kakyaking is a superb way to explore the islands’ bays if you prefer to keep your head above water and an ideal opportunity to spy a ray or sea turtle or head ashore and traverse the local area on horseback or by bicycle. The day’s aquatic activities over, recline on the deck and absorb the magnificence of a Gili Island sunset behind the distant silhouette of Bali’s Mt Agung.

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