bk1Please know that our itineraries are samples only and may be subject to change; extended, shortened, or re-arranged to suit your private yacht charter preference, the weather conditions, captain’s advice and times of year.

Where possible, we are happy to plan and accommodate your interests, activities and wishes, to ensure your charter experience will be a memorable one.

Day 1:

the 72ft MV Haruku in SeranganHarbour, Bali. Sail into the Lombok Straits, with views of the majestic Mount Agungvolanco as a backdrop. The yacht settles on a course to arrive at the Gili Islands, northwest Lombok. The Gili islands have superb white sand beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving. MV Haruku anchors here overnight.

Day 2:

After breakfast we head to GiliSulat and GiliLawang, two small adjacent islands located in the northeast side of Lombok island. GiliSulat is inhabited only by monkeys and birds and is home to a stunning natural Mangrove Forest within its 5.2 km coastal line. One of the famous species found here is bertong bird or maleo bird (macrocephalonmaleo) which make the nest in the cave-shaped ground. In the mangrove forest water area, you can canoe direct into the mangrove’s alleys where you’ll feel like you are in the Amazon jungle. Sea creatures and the coral reef look as clear from the canoe as the water is so shallow and almost transparent. The waters here are spectacular for snorkeling on coral reefs. Lunch is taken in the mangroves in total tranquility before re-boarding to set off to Satonda.

bk4Day 3:

The uninhabited island of Satonda is separated by a narrow strait from the Tambora volcano on the Sumbawa mainland, the site of the largest eruption in recorded history. Satonda itself is a small volcano and a salty lake fills its crater. We will arrive here in the afternoonto enjoy the crystal clear waters and water sport activities. At sunset you can enjoy the spectacle of a large colony of fruit eating giant bats in flight. MV Haruku moors here overnight.

Day 4:

Sangean Island is an active volcano towering 1800 meters above the surrounding water. We can stop here to visit the tiny settlement on the island and swim in crystal-clear waters. Opposite the island of Sangean, on the Sumbawa mainland is the village of Wera, a Buginese village known for boatbuilding. Here we can see all kinds of craft in various stages of construction, including the “Phinisi” trading ships of Indonesia. MV Haruku will anchor here overnight.

Cruise From Bali to Komodo

Day 5:

Gili Banta is the first of the islands in the Komodo Archipelago. This island provides a crescent shaped bay that offers a beautiful anchorage from where you can jump into turquoise water and swim to the white sandy beach. The islands of GiliLawaLaut, on the northeast tip of Komodo, are another stunning location for anchoring, with beautiful moon-scape scenery, fantastic little bays and beaches, and the best dive sites of the entire Komodo National Park. MV Haruku will anchor here overnight.

bk2Day 6:

Unesco World Heritage site, Komodo Island, famous for being the home to the only living dragons in the world: the giant Komodo Dragon. Guests can experience hiking and looking for the ‘dragons’, and see wild horses, water buffalo, wild boar, and monkeys in spectacular scenery of savannah and emerald coves. Climb up a local summit where guests can enjoy a splendid panorama over the moon-scape islands of the Komodo Archipelago. Pink beach, directly across the bay from Komodo village, has a unique pink-red coloured sand. The color of the sand is caused by pulverized fragments of the red coral species. Haruku will moor here overnight.

Day 7:

The serene harbor of Labuan Bajo, the main arrival point for visitors into the Komodo National Park. Here guests may visit a nearby village where, if the time is right, attend the ‘whip-fight dance’ ceremonies called the “Caci”. This dance ceremony is unique to the Manggarai people of West Flores involving music, singing and a fascinating whip and shield duel where keen participating ‘warriors’ wear any duel-induced lacerations with pride as marks of bravery.

Day 8:

After your breakfast you are transferred from MV Haruku to the port where a private car will be on hand to take you to the Labuan Bajo airport for a return flight to Bali.

Cruise From Bali to Komodo
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